Shu-Jyuan Deiwiks, Bernhard Führer and Therese Geulen, eds., Europe meets China, China meets Europe: the beginnings of European-Chinese scientific exchange in the 17th century: proceedings of the international and interdisciplinary symposium at the Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, May 10-12, 2012, Collectanea Serica, Sankt Augustin: Monumenta Serica, 2014. With an introduction by Alois Osterwalder. JETZT BESTELLEN!

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  • ALOIS OSTERWALDER: Introduction
  • ISAIA IANNACCONE: The Challenge of Accommodation: The Case of Niklaas Trigault and Johannes Schreck-Terrentius
  • GREGORY BLUE: The Multifaceted Xu Guangqi: A Composite Sketch Based on the Current Western Literature
  • HUI-HUNG CHEN: A Chinese Treatise Attributed to Xu Guangqi (1615): How the Jesuits in China Defined “Sacred Images”
  • LIAM MATTHEW BROCKEY: From Coimbra to Beijing, via Madurai: André Palmeiro, S.J., (1569–1635) in Maritime Asia
  • MANJUSHA KURUPPATH: Caught in Confessional Crossfire: Representations of Johann Adam Schall von Bell in Dutch Sources in the 1660s
  • SHU-JYUAN DEIWIKS: Some Cultural and Psychological Aspects of the Trial of Johann Adam Schall before the Supreme Court of Peking – According to the Secret Manchu Documents
  • CLAUDIA VON COLLANI: Kangxi’s Mandate of Heaven and Papal Authority
  • Index
Europe meets China conference proceedings
Title image: Matteo Ricci and Xu Guangqi. Provided by the Maastricht University Library from its Special Collections.